Stanford University Mendicants
Event Stanford University Mendicants 50th Reunion Concert
Music A sampling from
1.  The Mendicants of 2013-2014
2.  The Mendicants of 1970-1987
3.  The Mendicants of 1988-1990
4.  The Mendicants of 1991-1995
5.  The Mendicants of 1996-1999
6.  The Stanford Harmonics
7.  The Mendicants of 2000-2005
8.  The Mendicants of 2006-2013
9.  The Mendicants Founders, of 1963-1969
10.  All Mendicants
Venue Bing Concert Hall, Stanford University, Stanford, California
Date October 26, 2013
Video Alan Lee
with camera assistants
Florence Lee & Joseph Delgadillo
Audio Bill Hare
provided the finished audio for this video

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